We exist to create experiences and opportunities where passion, talent and purpose come together. 

About Global Officials

How We Began 

Global Officials group has been in development since 2006. Quentin was at WSSU where he developed the niche of officiating basketball. While there he learned that officiating is so steadfast yet demanding your efforts just as a 9-5 job would require. So from 2006-2011, he would learn the business of officiating and the in and outs of it. Some trial and error mistakes and setbacks taught Quentin the corporate side of the officiating business. In 2012 he decided that officiating would be and could be a healthy way of life for some people, and often found that people could make a good living while doing it! So with the network development over the last 6-7 years helped him establish Global Officials Group. In 2013 we really grew from serving 1 recreational account in Salisbury, N.C. to serving 9 middle school accounts, 9 private high school accounts as multi court facility as well as 4 college accounts. Over the last 3 years we have expanded our services to NCAA Live events during the summer as well as some of the top AAU exposure tournaments in the country. We have been fortunate to have opportunities for our officials to work 3 to 4 days out of every week. We will continue to develop young officials everyday, which is one of our biggest assets in Training and Development! We have access to some of the best training tools and some of the best officials in the country. Our goal is to keep all officials connected,no matter your level of officiating. As well as provide you with the tools and opportunities to learn the lifestyle of an basketball official! 

Mission Statement

Global Officials Group is destined for all things basketball and sports related. To provide new, exciting and enriching opportunities for officials. We use officials and resources from surrounding areas to support the local communities and build valuable relationships with partners we trust,while servicing all organizations and schools with our services. 

We exist to create experiences and opportunities where passion, talent and purpose come together. 

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